Thurrock Lawn Tennis Club | Floodlights

Club Survey

Q: Have membership nos increased?

A: Best levels for years

Q: Has court usuage improved?

A: Usage has improved dramatically. With the lighting facility, this has obviously increased an all year round coaching as before we could only rely on weekends due to no lights as we are based outside.  Hours have increased because of the assistance of fund raising and the ideas that Bright ideas gave us was immense.

Q: Who is playing more?

A: Adults can now play after work due to the floodlights. Minority groups are well represented (Indian, West Indian, African, Eastern European).

Q: Has there been an increase in team playing?

A: Yes, 1 x Mixed Team and 1 x Ladies Team. And plans to enter our first Junior Teams too.

Q: Is it easier to retain members?

A: Our club is based in a slightly deprived area of Thurrock, Essex and we pride ourselves in getting children of less opportune backgrounds to join our club as have basically one of the lowest membership prices in the U.K.  eg Junior membership £50.00 per year. Our existing members cannot believe the facilities that we have at such affordable prices, so it can only help with retention..

Q: Is your coaching programme growing?

A: The coaching programme has now grown largely due to the fact that we have lighting now.  I have been a coach for 8 years and this is the very first winter that I have been able to coach during the weekdays, Previously, I have always relied only on weekends. This has had a dramatic effect on the outlook on the sport of tennis...

Q: How many players are “new to the game”?

A: 1 x Ladies beginner mornings. Parents who watch their kids now take part in sessions as they see the fun, benefits to be had. Keeping fit, making new friends, enjoying the social side…

“ There are lots of positives I can tell you about. The positive relationship with our partnership school is booming. Also, we are looking at the possibility of partnerships with other schools in the area to start making tennis an essential part of the Physical Education curriculum, in our area. Without Bright Ideas for Tennis, we can ask ourselves, would we have been in a position to achieve this?  My answer is a resounding no.”