Redhill Lawn Tennis Club | Court Resurfacing

Club Survey

Q: Have membership nos increased?

A: Yes

Q: Has court usuage improved?

A: Yes, categorically all members prefer the new courts. Approximately an increase of 12-14 hrs per week extra usage.

Q: Who is playing more?

A: We now have school links with St Matthews who use the courts, but generally all ages / abilities

Q: Has there been an increase in team playing?

A: No increase, but there is a definite preference for teams to use our new courts for home matches. And it's easier to field a team as members now look forward to playing!!

Q: Is it easier to retain members?

A: Most certainly, but too early to tell.

Q: Is your coaching programme growing?

A: Yes, it’s now full. We have just enlisted an assistant coach which will give us scope to allow our programme to grow.

Q: How many players are “new to the game”?

A: At least 10 parents of players in our junior programme have started playing in our introductory sessions.

“ Generally I feel the club has been ‘lifted’ by the introduction of the new facilities with members jockeying to get on courts 7 & 8 at all times and the coaches loving the improved surface to teach on. Our grand opening was a great success with the help of Bright Ideas for Tennis and Marcus Willis at a late time of the season and we hope to maintain that momentum into the new year and beyond.”