Pensford Tennis Club | Court Resurfacing

Club Survey

Q: Have membership nos increased?

A: Yes

Q: Has court usuage improved?

A: Yes, usage appears to be higher, particularly with adults. We are also anticipating more all-year play as the courts will be less slippy and dangerous when wet.

Q: Who is playing more?

A: Adults

Q: Has there been an increase in team playing?

A: Not yet, but we are anticipating a rise in the number of junior teams due to our increased membership numbers. Additional adult teams are also most likely.

Q: Is it easier to retain members?

A: Too early to say, but having better facilities will definitely help.

Q: Is your coaching programme growing?

A: Together with our new floodlights (installed early 2015), we envisage all of our tennis activities to be provided on a more all-year basis.

Q: How many players are “new to the game”?

A: We currently have 8 players on a Rusty Racquets session as part of the Bright Ideas Legacy coaching sessions. This number is also growing…

“ The initial Open Day run by Bright Ideas and the knock-on activities have had a major effect on the club itself and our visibility in the local community. Cardio tennis sessions (8 players per week) Touchtennis tournaments (48 players) . Funds raised by Bright Ideas for Tennis were viewed ‘highly positively’ by the LTA as part of our loan application.”