Lancaster Tennis Club | Court Resurfacing

Club Survey

Q: Have membership nos increased?

A: Yes

Q: Has court usuage improved?

A: Yes, new sessions (Sunday am social). Courts are safer for all year play.

Q: Who is playing more?

A: More junior, and parent/child informal play. Also regular court rental to local school due to improved court safety.

Q: Is your coaching programme growing?

A: Yes, better courts have allowed the programme to continue throughout the whole year

Q: Is it easier to retain members?

A: Too early to tell, but we are certainly not embarrassed by the state of our courts anymore. More university members and are in talks with Lancaster University about a rental arrangement - something not possible until we upgraded our facilities.

Q: Has there been an increase in team playing?

A: Yes, new Vets Winter League team due to safer courts.

Q: How many players are “new to the game”?

A: We estimate about 10-15 new junior players.

“ In previous years, some members of our Committee had to spend hours sweeping the courts to remove the mud before play could start. ¬†This tended to be done only for organised social and coaching sessions. ¬† Now that this is no longer needed, individuals can come down to play informally at any time without preparation and we are certainly aware of this happening on a regular basis - for example parent members and their children during the recent half term week.”