Colden Common Tennis Club | Court Resurfacing/Extra Court

Club Survey

Q: Have membership nos increased?

A: Yes 28 households in 1st 3 weeks open (estimate of 12)

Q: Has court usuage improved?

A: Yes, vastly improved. Court resurfacing and enthusiastic coach are the determining factors.

Q: Who is playing more?

A: Lots of children, but also adults 50+ who are new to the game. There is a real buzz in our village.

Q: Has there been an increase in team playing?

A: We’ve only been open 3 weeks! But we have plans to enter teams in the summer of 2017. The additional court will help accommodate this too.

Q: Is it easier to retain members?

A: Too early to tell, but there is nothing not to like!

Q: Is your coaching programme growing?

A: Yes, our coach is great, and with the new, improved facilities, our coaching sessions are growing all the time. There are many junior sessions, and different graded Cardio sessions for adults of all levels of fitness.

Q: How many players are “new to the game”?

A: I can safely say that in our first month of opening, we have had over 100 player new to the game which we are certain will become members of our community tennis club by the end of next month.

“ Had it not been the support and help we received from Bright Ideas for Tennis at the outset of our challenging fund raising project 14 months ago, our new courts would not have been built. They gave us the “kick start” we needed to encourage us that our massive project and dreams could be fulfilled. They gave up their time to encourage us and constantly gave us ideas for fund raising. At first our target of over £100k seemed such a daunting and impossible task but with the constant support of Bright Ideas for Tennis and tips as to where to look for additional funding we have managed to get our three brand new courts constructed in just over a year. This is a huge asset to the village”