Benefits of Regular Participation in Tennis

Regular participation in tennis has shown to have significant benefits on people’s mental and physical well-being. Mental health charity Sport in Mind’s work in partnership with the NHS has supported over 10,000 people with mental health problems and tennis is one of the core activities they deliver on a weekly basis.

In 2014 Sport in Mind conducted a study that examined the impact regular engagement in sport and physical activity has on the lives of people diagnosed with mental health conditions. The key findings from Sport in Mind’s Sport and Mental Well-Being Study are listed below:

Improved feelings of well-being 92% Reduced levels of stress and anxiety 86% Reduced symptoms of depression 82% Improved self-esteem / confidence 91% Improved concentration and sleeping patterns 61% Reduced feelings of anger and frustration 65%.

We hope that Breakpoint 2019 will encourage more people to pick up a racket and give tennis a go.