Successful fundraising in Essex

Thurrock, Essex, home to brand new floodlights thanks to a great team effort of members, fundraisers and the team at Bright Ideas for Tennis. The floodlights have allowed the club to develop their tennis programme by introducing a new weekly ‘Ladies Beginner Morning Session’ and further team practises during the week. Most importantly the club has been able to increase the opportunities available to those juniors and adults in Thurrock looking to get fit and healthy and give tennis a go. During the winter the club was able to offer coaching in the weekdays and evenings where they had previously relied heavily on weekend sessions.

The head coach states that ‘new and potential members cannot believe the facilities that we have at such affordable prices. There are lots of positives I can tell you about. The positive relationship with our partnership school is booming. Also, we are looking at the possibility of partnerships with other schools in the area to start making tennis an essential part of the Physical Education curriculum, in our area. Without Bright Ideas for Tennis, we can ask ourselves, would we have been in a position to achieve this? My answer is a resounding no.’