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The Tennis Circus event at Shirley Tennis Club was a great opportunity to attract new members and create a buzz. The small membership pulled together to distribute leaflets and posters and took to social media to spread the word.

The coaching was fantastic and everyone picked up some really good ideas. The icing on the cake was a great exhibition doubles where Danny Sapsford partnered club junior Jessica Day against Chris Eaton and club junior Crystal Sutar.

On the day we raised £300 and achieved £200 in new memberships.

Legacy Coaching

We are now using the money raised to provide after school coaching at the local primary school and cardio tennis. Thanks to Danny and Chris for a great day

Charity Day

  • Event Date: September 28th, 2013
  • Pros: Danny Sapsford, Chris Eaton
  • Format: Junior and Adult Coaching Clinics & Exhibition
  • Raised: £300 and £200 in new membership fees.

About Shirley Tennis Club

Shirley Tennis Club is a small, friendly tennis club next to St John’s school in Spring Park Road, Croydon. We have four all-weather courts and low subscription rates.

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Chris Eaton